Motorcycle Holdings Limited Cyber Incident Response

Information, updates and support for those affected.


On 8 April 2024, Motorcycle Holdings Limited (MTO) and MTO's wholly owned subsidiary, Mojo Motorcycles (Mojo), became aware of a cyber incident involving unauthorised access to two of Mojo’s websites that separately market the motorcycle brands Sherco and Lambretta (collectively, the Websites).

What occurred?

The cyber incident involved an unauthorised third-party obtaining access to a webserver that was hosting the Websites and also potentially to a database holding records of visitors to the Websites that completed a "contact form" (the Database).

What information was potentially accessed?

The Database includes contact details (name, email address, phone number, address, area and area code) as well as specific information such as questions or requests for further information submitted through the contact form. This type of personal information could be used for fraud and other scam related purposes.

While MTO and Mojo cannot be certain that the third party accessed the Database, given the potential for fraud or scam related activities, MTO and Mojo are making this notification as a precautionary measure in the interests of our customers’ safety.

What action have MTO and Mojo taken?

Since becoming aware of the cyber incident, MTO and Mojo have taken remedial action to remove the risk of further cyber incidents and unauthorised access to personal information of this nature occurring.

What can you do?

Customers are advised to closely monitor sales related emails and text messages, particularly those from Mojo, MTO, Sherco, or Lambretta or regarding motorcycles/motorcycle equipment. Suspicious emails or text messages should not be opened nor should any links in these messages be accessed.

Customers who have not received a response to an enquiry previously submitted through the Websites should contact Mojo directly or resubmit their request as the risk of unauthorised access to personal information has been removed.