French company Sherco was founded in 1998 by Marc Teissier, created out of his passion for moto trials. With riders like Spaniard Albert Cabestany and Briton Graham Jarvis joining the Sherco racing family, the company quickly developed a solid customer base.

With moto trials proving to be a great success, eventually a new enduro arm was added to the Nimes-headquartered company as it went about adding a larger footprint on the off-road landscape.

Veteran Jarvis, who had now made the switch to extreme enduro competition, was victorious in the famed Red Bull Romaniacs in 2008, and in the hotbed of world enduro racing Aussie Matt Phillips won Sherco its first ground-breaking title in 2016.

In recent years, Sherco has also added desert racing to its competition armoury, winning Dakar stages against strong opposition from European and Japanese manufacturers.

Shercos have always been built to exacting, high-quality standards, and it’s that blue-chip production process which has been the major catalyst for growth in the family-owned company over the last 23 years. In a nutshell, superb handling and premium performance have created an irresistible force.

In Australia, Melbourne-based Mojo Motorcycles, established in 2003, has been the official importer for Sherco motorcycles since 2014, with an initial line-up of two models now expanded to seven four-strokes and six two-strokes. There’s a combination of ‘Racing’ and up-spec ‘Factory’ models across both the two- and four-stroke line-ups. There are also four moto trials machines in the 250-300cc bracket.

To check out the Australian model line-up, click here. And keen for a test ride on one of the French firebrands? Click here to kickstart the process.

Mojo Motorcycles also runs the Motul Pirelli Sherco Race Team that competes in the Australian Off-Road Championship, Finke and Hattah Desert Races and the Australian Hard Enduro Championship.

Mojo aims to build a profitable, retail-focussed dealer network, backed by superior after sales service and support. It has an industry-leading dealer support network, and has recently introduced an on-line module for customers to order parts, accessories, apparel and riding gear.




Sherco Motorcycles is the only French motorcycle marque that is still active.

The current manufacturing strategy focusses on a two-pronged process: a plant in Barcelona, which was commissioned in 1998 and specialises in moto trials production, while the French factory, which was established in 2003, focusses on the enduro side of the equation.

The brand is currently sold in over 50 countries worldwide, covering five continents.

Sherco is an independent brand, therefore it manages its development pace and organises its strategy as it pleases. We believe this is a key to success! 




In 2001, Sherco purchased HRD, a prestigious French firm dedicated exclusively to the production of high-quality enduro bikes, as it set about moving beyond its initial moto trials focus.

To ensure this new production activity would not stretch the moto trials division in Barcelona, which was already delivering excellent results, a new factory was created in the town of Nimes in France, close to Italy – the country which would become the principal supplier of materials and components for the enduro bikes.

The Nimes facility cover an area of 3000 square metres, with a dedicated R&D team tasked with continuous improvement to the enduro – and by extension, Supermoto – range.

Meanwhile, Sherco’s moto trials factory, located 30km north of Barcelona at Caldes de Montbui, is at the very heart of a region that has trials history running through its veins – both in terms of illustrious competitors and other marques.

For this reason, the majority of Sherco’s external suppliers are located throughout the region, as well as PXC, Sherco’s Barcelona-based moto trials competition and prototype department.

The Caldes factory covers an area of 2500 square metres.