Sherco Australia introduces the 2017 Racing models at ultra-competitive prices


Sherco Australia is pleased to introduce the 2017 Enduro Racing model range. Following on from the strong success of the 2016 models, the 2017 range has received a number of upgrades for the new model year. “Now that the 2017 model range of Sherco enduro bikes has been released we are pleased to share the following updates which will make the 2017 Sherco Enduro Racing models the most competitive yet,” said Sherco Australia’s Stephen Tuff.

The entire range has an exciting fresh appearance with new plastics, in-moulded graphics, new frame protectors and new clips for holding the front brake and speedo cables. The new translucent fuel tanks come with larger capacities for 2017. The 250cc and 300cc two-stroke models have gone from 9.5-litres to 10.4-litres while the 250cc, 300cc and 450cc four-stoke models have gone from 8.5-litres to 9.7-litres. This will suit Australian trail riding conditions perfectly, giving riders more kilometres between fuel stops.
The frame geometry has been modified on all models to offer more grip and better steering control. Sherco Enduro bikes are renowned for their handling capabilities, definitely a must see and try for yourself experience on all models. The frame has been reinforced in specific points to increase overall strength and durability. The rear suspension linkage has been modified for improved lifetime with 14mm axles and better sealing. New materials have been used to make the swingarm pad 40% stronger as well as a new reinforced rear wheel axle.
A new preload adjustment ring is fitted to the rear shock for easier adjustment and lighter and stronger front wheel spokes and stronger rim tape for better protection. Factory dual-colour and dual compound grips are now fitted as standard equipment across the range.
“The success of Australian Matthew Phillips has really made the motorcycling public sit up and take a more concentrated look at Sherco,” Stephen Tuff stated. “Phillips’ world championship has spurred interest and the 2017 models have been well received with glowing reports at demo rider and media tests.”


The 2017 Sherco two-stroke models have received a new cylinder head with reinforced mounting support. These models also have a new balance crankshaft for smoother power delivery and stronger power at low revs with less vibration. A new V Force 4 reed block increases low speed power, increased reed life and new carburettor settings offer a smoother power delivery.
The 250 SE-R has a new piston for better efficiency and longer life. The 250 SE-R also has a new combustion chamber for a more linear power delivery.
“The 250 SE-R two-stoke has been the surprise ratings winner at test rides,” Tuff continued. “The two-stroke craze is strong and this bike is so much fun to ride. It has ample power yet it’s so controllable that riders of all abilities can enjoy it.”


The highly capable 300 SEF-R has been on show all year in the hands of Matthew Phillips highlighting just how amazing Sherco’s small capacity four-stroke engines really are. With such an amazing machine already on top of the game, very little was required for improvement on the 2017 model.
The 300 SEF-R and the 250 SEF-R have new transmission gears derived from Sherco’s Dakar racing technology. The gearing improves bearing lubrication and increase lifespan. New fuel pumps and starter relays are fitted to the two four-strokes, new battery terminals and wiring sheath on the complete wiring harness improves the keyless injection wiring system. The 250 SEF-R also has a new piston.
The Sherco 450 SEF-R has shown that a 450cc enduro bike can be mighty powerful yet mildly mannered. Being an already amazing performer in this category, Sherco worked on refining this machine to make it just that little bit better for 2017. When you combine the following upgrades with the new styling, modified frame, you really do have the class-leading 450cc enduro bike right where you want it. Early ride impressions suggest the 450 SEF-R is set to be the class leader in 2017.
Improvements for 2017 include the design of the cylinder head which has been modified for improved durability, reduced weight and simplified assembly. Clutch lubrication has been optimised for better temperature control and stronger durability. The fuel pump has been redesigned for improved reliability.
Incredible news for buyers as the 2017 Sherco Enduro Racing model range offers exceptional value for your performance dollar. The two-stroke model prices remain unchanged for 2017 while the four-stroke model prices have increased ever so slightly.
“We understand that a premium enduro bike is a purchase of passion but that doesn’t mean you need to pay excessively for the privilege of owning one,” Tuff explained.
“When you compare the Sherco models against the competition and look at what you get, dollar for dollar you can’t beat what Sherco has to offer. Sherco enduro models come equipped with top-shelf componentry and have a proven track record of reliability and now an Enduro World Championship. For performance, reliability and the right price you can’t afford to look past a Sherco.”