All-New MY23 Trials Range Lands in Australia

SHERCO’s R&D team have consistently evolved the trials range from the historical base launched in 1999. The all-new 5th-generation platform has been completely redesigned from the ground up with the explicit goal of Sherco regaining its leadership position in the market from which the brand was born.


The highly anticipated MY23 Sherco ST-R Racing trials range has touched down in Australia.  

SHERCO’s R&D team have consistently evolved the trials range from the historical base launched in 1999. The all-new 5th-generation platform has been completely redesigned from the ground up with the explicit goal of Sherco regaining its leadership position in the market from which the brand was born.

One of the primary R&D objectives was to reduce weight, particularly in the engine. Sherco engineers designed a completely new engine block, shaving a phenomenal 4.5kg in the process, equating to a 28% lighter engine than its predecessor, weighing only 16kg.

A new, 13% lighter crankshaft was added. Although 500 grams lighter than before, the diameter has been increased from 110mm to 116mm for increased inertia and a significant reduction in weight at the axis.

A new pre-compression system has been added to the bottom end for improved engine performance. Sitting on top is a new cast cylinder with a faceted design. The intake transfers have increased from five to seven for improved thermodynamics. Cylinder cooling has also been enhanced thanks to redesigned contact surfaces and a 24% increase in the overall cooling surface. A redesigned reed valve system has been employed for optimised atomisation and increased power at low revs.

The engineers then added the most compact five-speed gearbox on the market, completely redesigned, 500 grams lighter with ratios optimised for graded trial sections from one to five. They then paired it with a more compact gear selector system. 28% lighter than before with aluminium selector forks directly articulated on the selector drum.

A newly designed 2-piece clutch cover is constructed from magnesium and features an integrated oil-level inspection window and a simplified transmission oil fill point.

Behind the trick, new cover sits a diaphragm clutch system which offers users three different positions of modulation adjustment and revised internal components for improved comfort and control.

An internal water pump features an inverted position to avoid creating contact between the coolant and magnesium material.

The most noteworthy engine feature is arguably the all-new trials-specific fuel injection system. The premix system features a 32mm diameter throttle body for optimal efficiency and response with reduced fuel consumption. Atmospheric pressure, throttle position and temperature are all measured via an innovative single multi-function sensor unit which also keeps the overall weight on the complete throttle body unit low at just 350 grams.

Housing the all-new engine is a redesigned, 6% lighter frame with revised geometry for a lower centre of gravity and increased rigidity, resulting in improved turning and traction. Removable forged aluminium side protectors provide improved access, and the integrated polymer frame protectors offer increased ankle grip.

A lighter and 21% lower swingarm is connected to the new frame, delivering improved traction in dry and slick conditions.

A new modernised front headlight shell design preserves Sherco’s brand identity and creates styling synergy between Sherco’s Trials and other off-road product ranges. Behind the headlight shell sits the two map switches, which have been relocated and grouped for improved protection and user convenience.  The rear fender design has been updated to match the front fender’s profile, achieving improved mud evacuation.

The resigned triple clamps are not only 4% lighter but also sport a cleaner appearance with the bolts recessed into the rear face of each clamp, and the steering stops now positioned on the lower triple clamp.

Between the frame sits an enhanced radiator with cores increased from 12 to 19, resulting in improved cooling performance from the same external-sized unit. The radiator coolant fill spout has been tilted forward by 30° for simplified servicing, and the protection grille is now equipped with clips for quick removal and installation.

A new 2.2L fuel tank featured an integrated ultra-compact fuel pump developed by Sherco that features a bypass recovery sub-tank to prevent fuel loss.

The air filter box volume has been increased by 7% combined with a new, 11% larger air filter element resulting in increased power at low revs, increased torque, and improved engine response.

The internal volume of the silencer body has been increased by 35% for improved strength, torque, and durability. Thermoformed compressed packing has been added for enhanced longevity, and the silencer body design has been updated for simplified disassembly and muffler packing servicing.

The rider controls haven’t been forgotten either, with the gear lever and rear brake pedal now sport tips featuring metal injection moulding (MIM) technology and anti-clog hinge systems. New steel micro-fusion foot pegs have been added for improved central stability, mud evacuation and increased grip. Each foot peg is fastened without requiring a nut and features an anti-sag stopper.

The Sherco 250 ST-R Racing is available now for a MSRP of $12,490*.

The Sherco 300 ST-R Racing is available now for a MSRP of $12,790*.

For more information, interested customers should visit their local Sherco Trials dealer.

*MSRP pricing does not include pre-delivery, freight, registration, and stamp duty costs.




250 ST-R Racing: 249cc
300 ST-R Racing: 294cc

Bore x stroke

250 ST-R Racing: 72 x 60mm
300 ST-R Racing: 79 x 60mm

Fuel System

Electronic Injection


1% Motul 710 (Recommended)


Ron 98




Primary kick, geared system with folding lever


Tubular section chrome-moly


5-Speed sequential gearbox, primary gears and secondary chain


Hydraulic, diaphragm system


Hidria Digital


Tubular section Chrome-moly

Fuel Tank

2.2L Capacity


Hydraulic, floating 185mm front disc and 145mm rear disc

Front Suspension


Rear Suspension

Progression system with control linkage - 165mm stroke

Rear absorber shock


Front Wheel

Morad 21" Black rim

Rear Wheel

Morad 19" Black rim



Ground Clearance


Seat Height