Pricing has been locked in for Sherco’s 2023 ‘Factory’ enduro line-up, with the majority of the French-built scalpels to officially go on sale in July.

The retails prices* for the 2023 model year are as follows:

 Two-stroke models
• 125 SE Factory: $13,499
• 250 SE Factory: $14,999
• 300 SE Factory: $15,499

Four-stroke models
• 250 SEF Factory: $15,499
• 300 SEF Factory: $15,999
• 450 SEF Factory: $16,799
• 500 SEF Factory: $16,999

The seven models feature new graphics with InMold technology, with all of them except the 125 SE Factory and 500 SEF Factory – which Callum Norton is competing on in this weekend’s Finke Desert Race – available from early July. The 125 SE Factory and 500 SEF Factory will follow in August.

The decision to take the Factory-only route in 2023 means the base Sherco 'Racing' models will no longer be offered.

In Australia, over 90 per cent of Sherco sales have historically been for the higher-spec Factory range – a huge demand that's also been replicated around the globe.

The 2023 Sherco Factory line-up carries over all the improvements and refinements made over the last few years, especially to the top-selling 300 SE and 300 SEF models.

Recent family updates have included a new diamond-pattern grey Selle Dalla Valle seat, new Brembo brakes pads and a new Neken handlebar pad. The 125 SE also scored a new electronic power valve, while the thumping 450 and 500 SEF four-strokes scored a new factory exhaust, a new crankshaft, revised gearbox, upgraded ignition timing and more efficient cooling.

Other universal Factory specs:

• KYB suspension;
• Galfer brake disc;
• AXP skid plate;
• Thermo fan;
• Radiator expansion tank;
• Black Excel rims;
• Blue Soft bi-composite grips; and
• Black frame protectors.


Contact your local Sherco dealer now to lock in your 2023 Sherco Factory enduro machine.

*RRP pricing does not include pre-delivery, freight, registration and stamp duty costs.