There will be action aplenty at the 2021 Hattah Desert Race in Victoria from July 2-4, starting with a Sherco electric balance bike demonstration on the Friday night!

Sherco Australia is offering juniors aged between five and eight years the opportunity to compete in the event, which will be held on a purpose-built circuit during scrutineering at Red Cliffs – just north of Hattah – on the Friday night.

It will be the real deal, too, with spectators and on-course commentary adding to the carnival atmosphere!

And, just to top off the revelry, one of the kids will win an EB16 – the Sherco balance bike being used at the event – presented by Sherco off-road ace Nathan Trigg.

The EB16, and the smaller EB12, were launched by Sherco Australia in 2020 complete with twist-and-go throttles, height-adjustable seats, two power level modes and a power cut-off switch. There’s even a non-powered mode for the gradual introduction to the wonders of two-wheel riding.

They are not only lots of fun but provide a masterclass for young boys and girls to learn the fundamentals of motorcycling: balance, hand-eye co-ordination, braking techniques and visual scanning.

The EB12 is suitable for kids up to about 34kg, and the EB16 about 40kg. They are priced at $649 (EB12) and $749 (EB16) respectively.


All the EB16s at Red Cliffs will be fitted with race numbers, and riders must use an approved off-road helmet. This ruling will be strictly enforced.

Following registration, there will be a practice session for riders to familiarise themselves with the EB16s before all the action commences.

And, as mentioned, one of the participants will also be taking home a brand new EB16 – and be the envy of their friends!

How to register
Simply send an email to [email protected] by Friday, June 25 with the prospective competitor’s name, date of birth and address, as well as the contact details (phone/email) of their parent or guardian. We’ll then be in touch to confirm your entry – which is completely free – and then see you at Red Cliffs on Friday, July 2.

Strong junior focus at Hattah
The electric balance bike event is yet another way the Hattah Desert Race committee is fostering emerging talent, and on Saturday the juniors will hit the sand and scrub of the Hattah circuit across eight separate classes.

Then it’s the turn of the seniors on Sunday, with Jonte Reynders (300 SE Factory), Ben Grabham (450 SEF Factory) and Justin Carafa (500 SEF Factory) all riding for the Motul Pirelli Sherco Racing Team. Trigg will be aboard his Mallee Motorcycles-backed 450 SEF Factory.

For more information on the 2021 Hattah Desert Race, click here.