Top Sherco dealerships in NSW awarded Premium Dealer status


Sherco Australia is pleased to announce the Premium Dealer status has been awarded to Sherco Sydney and Sherco Motorcycles Newcastle. Premium Dealer status is reserved for Sherco dealers that excel in key areas to ultimately provide a superior Sherco focussed customer experience.


“Sherco Sydney and Sherco Motorcycles Newcastle are the only two Premium Dealers in NSW,” said Sherco Australia’s Stephen Tuff. “Both dealerships display a high level of passion for Sherco which flows through to providing the best customer experience. We’re proud to have these two dealerships in our network which have grown considerably in recent years, with everything in place to go much further.”


Sherco Sydney and Sherco Motorcycles Newcastle join an exclusive list of Sherco dealerships in Australia that operate at the highest standards as set out by Sherco Australia. These dealers are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive Sherco customer experience.


“It’s really satisfying to see the Premium Dealers so dedicated,” Tuff continued. “It’s no coincidence that the Premium Dealers also happen to be amongst the most successful. Sherco is in the midst of a very exciting faze and the Premium Dealers are poised to experience the benefits that come with it.”