Sherco race packages available for Australian riders heading to Red Bull Romaniacs


Red Bull Romanics is infamous amongst hard enduro riders across the globe and the lure to tackle the multi-day event is a bucket-list ride for many. Australian riders planning on riding Romaniacs can easily do so with race-ready packages from Sherco Romania. Riders can arrive at the event with their riding gear and step straight onto a race prepared Sherco without all the worry of going it alone.


Sherco Romania offer 2020 model two-stroke Sherco 300 SE-R and four-stroke 300 SEF-R hire bikes along with service packages to ensure riders have the best chance of enjoying the iconic race.


“A Sherco race ready package is a great way to go about experiencing Romaniacs,” said Sherco Australia’s Stephen Tuff. “The crew at Sherco Romania are experienced when it comes to Romaniacs so riders will be comforted in knowing they are in good hands. Riders simply book directly with Sherco Romania then all they have to do is show up and ride.”


Service packages include motorcycle services before and during the event, service point package of water, fruit and sweets, tyre and mousse change and a training day before the event.


“The Romanics race packages make it easy for any rider looking to take on this event,” Tuff explained. “And having a dedicated crew to back you up is reassuring, especially in a foreign country when getting your hands on what you need can sometimes be a challenge. For many riders this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so it makes sense to do it with people who know the game and are there to help.”  


Sherco Romania race hire packages for Red Bull Romanics are 2,000 Euro and the race service package is 700 Euro. Spare parts, lubricants, coolants, tyres and mousse tubes are available and it is recommended that tyre and mousse tubes be pre-ordered.


Sherco Romania offers front mousse tubes 90/90-21 for 130 Euro and rear mousse tubes in a soft compound for 160 Euro.


Interested riders can contact Radu Zicu at Sherco Romania directly via email: [email protected]