Sherco’s $950 Pro Kit Bonus with new 2019 Enduro Racing and Factory models


The Sherco Pro Kit promotion just got better with the $950 worth of bonus accessories now available with all new MY19 Sherco enduro models. From August 1, 2019, the Pro Kit bonus is available with any new MY19 Factory enduro model and Racing enduro model.  


The entire Sherco enduro Racing and Factory model range is on offer and every single model comes with a Pro Kit.


“The Sherco Pro Kit promotion has gone off with a bang,” said Sherco Australia’s Stephen Tuff. “The promotion kicked off in June and the response has been huge. Savvy riders have been taking full advantage and snapping up our Racing models in very healthy numbers. Demand for the 2019 models has forced us to include the Factory enduro model range. From today, all 2019 model Factory models come with the Pro Kit.”


Riders buying a new MY19 Sherco enduro Racing or Factory model will receive the Sherco Pro Kit:

·         Rear disc guard

·         Front disc guard on Racing models only

·         Case saver

·         Radiator guards

·         Bash plate

·         Sherco service Kit

·         ProGrip Vista goggles

·         ProGrip 788 Triple Density Grips


“The 2019 Sherco enduro range already offers excellent value for money,” Tuff continued. “When you compare the specification of a Sherco Racing model against what else is on offer in the market, you quickly see the extra value in the Sherco which more often than not is better priced to start with. Then when you add on the Pro Kit goodies, the value on offer for dollars spent is right up there. For riders who want the high-end package for ultimate performance, the Factory models leave any other up-spec offering for dead. When you add on the Pro Kit, it’s win-win for new bike buyers right now.”


Note: Sherco Pro Kit value of $950 may vary from model to model and is an estimated retail value only. Offer ends September 30, 2019.