Nitro Mousse the tube of choice for the Motul Pirelli Sherco Team


The Motul Pirelli Sherco Team has teamed up with Nitro Mousse for a puncture-proof partnership. The Team is using Nitro Mousse exclusively after initial testing highlighted Nitro Mousse features that stood out, providing superior feel while remaining puncture-proof.


“We’re really pleased to partner with such a great brand,” said Sherco Australia’s Stephen Tuff. “The Nitro Mousse tubes are at the top of mousse tube performance. They are quite durable, holding their form even in extreme racing conditions and yet they maintain excellent tyre-tube-rider feel. Our riders are confident riding on Nitro Mousse tubes because they know they cannot get a flat tyre and that even when pushing the limits in rocky terrain, the Nitro Mousse tubes can handle the punishment.”


While mousse tubes are not new, they remain new to many riders who have persisted with riding on traditional air-filled rubber tubes. The benefit of using a mousse tube is that it’s impossible to get a flat tyre, because the tube is solid foam.


“The beauty of Nitro Mousse is that the density of the foam is formulated to offer excellent feel, not to hard or too soft and yet remains durable enough to withstand consistent pounding and heat from use in extreme conditions,” Tuff explained. “That’s where Nitro Mousse has proven to be a superior product. You get a low-pressure feel, yet it stands up, eliminating that dead, flat sensation. It’s win, win, win with no punctures, excellent wear and great traction and feel.”


Nitro Mousse is distributed by Pro Accessories and is available from Sherco dealerships across Australia.