Sherco MY19 Racing and now MY19 Factory models all come with bonus Pro Kit including $950 of value


Sherco Australia is packing more value into more models with the new Sherco Pro Kit. Each MY19 Sherco enduro Racing (and now all MY19 Factory models are included from 1st of August) sold between June 18, and September 30, 2019 comes with a mega accessory bonus package valued at $950.


The entire MY19 Sherco enduro model range is on offer and every single model comes with a Sherco Pro Kit.


Four-stroke fans can select from the unsung quarter-litre hero in the 250 SEF-R, the ultimate mid-size thumper 300 SEF-R, the trail master’s choice 450SEF-R or the new kid on the block dominating fans of off-road, the mighty 500 SEF-R.


“Sherco is all about offering value for money and we’re offering even more with the Sherco Pro Kit,” said Sherco Australia’s Stephen Tuff. “The Sherco enduro Racing & Factory range already packs more into their standard features than most with larger fuel capacities and dual-power map switches as standard features. And now we’re offering an amazing range of accessories at no extra charge. When you compare what’s on offer across the range, the Sherco Racing & Factory models present not only the best value for money, but the best performance.”


Riders buying a new MY19 Sherco enduro Racing & Factory model will receive the Sherco Pro Kit:

·         Front and rear disc guard

·         Case saver

·         Radiator guards

·         Bash plate

·         Sherco service Kit

·         ProGrip Vista goggles

·         ProGrip 788 Triple Density Grips


“Any serious off-road rider or enduro racer will appreciate the additional bolt-on bonus value in the Pro Kit,” Tuff continued. “Essential protection parts like radiator guards and bash plate offer peace of mind for your new ride and the case saver and brake disc guards help in bullet-proofing your new beast. Then there’s the Sherco Service Kit that contains everything a rider needs to keep their bike running in general servicing such as engine oil, oil filter, air-filter and air-filter oil for the four-strokes and transmission oil, two-stroke oil, air-filter and air-filter oil for the two-stroke models.”


The Sherco Pro Kit value keeps on giving with ProGrip Vista goggles and ProGrip 788 Soft Touch Cross grips.


“The benefits of quality goggles are often over-looked by riders,” said Tuff. “The simple fact is, if you can’t see where you’re going it makes riding effectively extremely difficult. The ProGrip Vista is a top-of-the-line goggle loaded with features such as anti-fog and anti-scratch lens that’s 100% UV resistant, anti-slip silicone-backed strap and a bonus additional free lens. That’s a google built to perform. Then there’s the 788 grips that give excellent rider to handlebar feel. The Pro Kit really delivers and now is the time to cash in on a great deal at any Sherco enduro dealership.”


Note: Sherco Pro Kit value of $950 may vary from model to model and is an estimated retail value only. From August 1st all MY19 Sherco Enduro Factory models are now included in the Sherco Pro Kit offer. Sherco Pro Kit offer is valid until 30th of September on all MY19 Sherco Models.