Danielle Foot continues to impress during her first year of National off-road racing


Danielle Foot is mighty fast of a dirt bike. She’s devastatingly quick on a motocross track and dangerously fast in the desert and now the Road and River Sherco rider is putting the women of Australian Off-Road Championship racing on notice.

Foot is gaining momentum with each off-road race event and the motocross convert is eager to climb the ranks of enduro. Coming off a round win at the Victorian Off-Road Championship last weekend, Foot will now steer her attention towards the double-header enduro in Dungog this weekend.

Saturday and Sunday will see the traditional enduro format return to the Australian Off-Road Championship for rounds 5 and 6 which will be a test of stamina and speed.

“Danielle is adapting well to off-road racing,” said Sherco Australia’s Stephen Tuff. “She certainly knows how to ride a dirt bike, and now that she is coming to terms with the varying formats of off-road racing such as sprints, cross country and enduro, she will become a threat to the leaders.”

Foot currently sits fifth in the Australian Off-Road Championship points and third in the Victorian Off-Road Championship.

“Danielle is a tough competitor,” Tuff explained. “She doesn’t give in and now that she is refining her bush racing skills I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on the podium at the top level soon enough.”