Sherco offers over $1,000 worth of extras with the Enduro Battle Pack.


Sherco Australia is pleased to announce the Enduro Battle Pack promotion that offers over $1,000 worth of recommended retail value has been extended from July 1, 2018 until September 30, 2018. The Enduro Battle Pack consists of speedo protector, case saver, radiator guards, bash plate and disc guard from the Sherco Racing Hard Parts catalogue, plus a Sherco Racing pit tent and Sherco Racing cap at no extra charge.

“The Sherco Enduro Battle Pack promotion was a great success for our dealers.” said Sherco Australia’s Stephen Tuff. “Customers were the big winners with the amazing extra value and dealers experienced new levels of business, so we’ve extended the offer that originally ended on June 30, 2018.”

All new Sherco enduro model purchases, including the upgraded MY18 Six Days and MY18 Factory models purchased between July 1, 2018 and September 30, 2018 are now eligible for the Enduro Battle Pack bonus.

“Buying a new motorcycle is an exciting time in any rider’s life,” Tuff explained. “And right now, buying a new Sherco enduro model is even better because the extra bonus value of the Enduro Battle Pack is like the bike purchase that keeps on giving.”
All Racing models and Six Days and Factory models are eligible for the Sherco Enduro Battle Pack.
“With Sherco enduro models selling in record numbers, we expect the Enduro Battle Pack promotion to be very popular,” Tuff continued. “The fact that the 2018 Six Days and Factory models are now eligible for the promotion means riders really will get a lot for their money. The highly desirable Six Days and Factory models already come with plenty of upgrades and high-performance components so when you add in the parts from the Enduro Battle Pack you really do have a comprehensive package that’s hard to go past.”

The Sherco Enduro Battle Pack is on offer from all participating authorised Sherco Australia dealers while stocks last or until September 30, 2018.