Nathan Trigg has claimed the 450cc class win at the Finke Desert Race aboard a Motul Pirelli Sherco 450 SEF-R


Nathan Trigg began the 2018 Finke Desert Race in 6th position and fired his Motul Pirelli Sherco 450 SEF-R down the 230km track to Finke in a clean, no-fuss manner. The experienced and dependable desert racer from Ouyen in the north west of Victoria launched across the finish line at Finke still in 6th position despite a myriad of turmoil in the field around him.

Trigg completed the first day of the race in 6th position outright and 2nd in the 450cc class.

“I had a good run down to Finke and enjoyed the ride,” said Trigg. “I suffered a little bit with fitness which is my own fault and something I need to work on. It was good to cross that finish line and I launched the jump there to give the crowd a bit of a thrill.”

Trigg attacked the return leg to Alice Springs on Day-2 of the race, however, his promising track position began to unravel when he elected to change a front wheel. In an attempted to make up precious time Trigg crashed, going down hard.

“I was riding fast and felt good and I had passed more than ten riders making good time, but I was over-confident. I got sideways in the whoops and I landed in a prickle bush. I sat there feeling hurt for a bit, but I got back in the race and cruised along and after a while I came good. I just wanted to finish, and I did.”

Trigg dug in and charged for the finish line in hope of salvaging a respectable result. An incredible effort saw the Trigg cross the finish line in 10th position overall and first place in Class-5 for four-strokes up to 450cc.

Despite not achieving the desired result, Motul Pirelli Sherco Team manager Derek Grundy remained optimistic about the experience.

“It’s unfortunate that Nathan crashed,” said Grundy.  “But it was great to see him get across the finish line and complete the job with the class win. We now know for certain the Sherco 450 SEF-R is a very capable bike and our team plan is solid. This is an extremely hard event to win but we are confident in our team and our equipment. We’re very excited for the future here in this event.”

Nathan Trigg and the Motul Pirelli Sherco Team will now steer their efforts towards Hattah Desert Race in July.