Motul Pirelli Sherco welcome FunnelWeb Filters and ODI Grips to the Team


The Motul Pirelli Sherco Team is proud to announce FunnelWeb Filters and ODI grips as Team partners in 2018. Distributed by passionate NSW-based off-road company, Lusty Industries, FunnelWeb Filters and ODI grips will take care of two vital sectors of the Team bikes providing clean air and a comfortable home base for hand controls.

We’re really pleased to have both of these great bands on our bikes,” said Motul Pirelli Sherco Team manager, Derek Grundy. “FunnelWeb Filters are made in Australia and have a unique design that works incredibly well. There’s no doubt the design has been carefully created because the fit of the filter to the air filter cage and how snug the filter sits inside the airbox is excellent.”

FunnelWeb Filters feature a pyramid profile that effectively doubles the surface area of the filter. FunnelWeb is so confident in their design and manufacturing that they offer a 12-month warranty.

“Completing the control setup of the race bike is the addition of ODI grips,” Grundy continued. “Grips can often be over-looked by riders but it’s a component of the bike you cannot go without. It’s also vital to have comfort and control with grips as it’s such an important part of operating the motorcycle.”

ODI offer a wide range of grips to suit most rider’s needs with singe ply half waffle, no waffle, full waffle and Cush and Rogue surface in dual ply, all in a massive range of colors.

“We’re currently using the ODI MX half waffle Ruffian grips or the ODI MX no waffle, depending on the rider’s preference,” Grundy continued. “ODI are quality grips providing excellent feel for the bike and are easy on the hands. They’re easy to fit and stay put on the handlebars. You can’t ask much more from a quality hand grip.”