Sherco Off-Road Race Team secures repeated backing of Motul and Pirelli


It is with great pleasure and enormous pride that Sherco Australia announces the repeated backing of Motul and Pirelli for the Sherco Off-Road Racing Team. Now entering its fourth year, the partnership between Motul, Pirelli and Sherco remains strong and prosperous as the 2018 Australian Off-Road Championship draws closer.

“We’re thrilled to partner with two of the biggest names in motorsport,” said Sherco Australia’s Stephen Tuff. “We love the products that Motul and Pirelli supply and we love using them because we know they’re excellent. We trust Motul lubricants and Pirelli tyres in the heat of competition and we’ve proven the partnership with Sherco is successful. The really great thing is, every rider across Australia can use the same products as our race Team because the tyres and lubricants we race with are available at any quality motorcycle dealership.”

The Motul Pirelli Sherco Team has produced two Australian Off-Road Championships and a Hattah Desert Race class win in its relatively short three-year existence and with such strong foundations, it’s expected that there will be plenty more to celebrate in the future.

“Racing with the backing Motul and Pirelli is really reassuring,” said Motul Pirelli Sherco Race Team manager Derek Grundy. “We trust the best lubricants inside our engines and Motul has that covered. We use Motul 7100 10W60 in all of our four-stroke engines and Motul 800 has proven to be exceptional in our two-strokes.”

Pirelli’s large range of off-road tyres offers a tyre for every surface and application and the Motul Pirelli Sherco Team has some real favourites when it comes to outright performance in the brutal conditions that racing can produce.

“We love the XC mid-soft rear tyre. It offers excellent grip and has proven to be a real favourite with our riders across a wide range of conditions,” Grundy explained. “When it comes to outright grip in the heat of battle, that’s out go-to rear tyre. We’ve used the XC mid-hard in the desert and in really rocky conditions while the Extra-X has been the perfect choice on the trails. For the front, well, the MX32 is simply the best.”

The Motul Pirelli Sherco Team is currently gearing up for a two-rider assault on the 2018 Australian Off-Road Championship that kick’s off in Gympie, Queensland on March 10 while preparations are also underway for the Team to take on the Finke Desert Race in June with a three-rider line-up.