Sherco’s Wade Young bound for Melbourne to take on Wildwood Rock Extreme


Wade Young is not your average dirt bike racer. The South African is an extreme enduro expert who has graced the podium at almost all of the biggest and nastiest extreme off-road races on the planet. Young became a star at the age of 16 when he won the infamous Roof of Africa in 2012, the youngest rider to ever do so and now he’s coming to Australia.

Young will line up at the annual Wildwood Rock Extreme enduro on the outskirts of Melbourne and attempt to add the Wildwood Rock crown to his already impressive racing resume.

Wildwood Rock Extreme is very much in the extreme category of off-road motorcycle racing. The duration of the race is four hours around an excruciating course comprising of steep hills riddled with rocks, man-made obstacles such as an old, school bus that competitors must ride through, bog holes, log crossings and the infamous ‘Rock Garden’ where riders face an impossibly-steep hill made up of rocks piled upon rocks.

“Wade Young is widely regarded as one of the biggest names in the sport of extreme enduro,” stated Sherco Australia’s Stephen Tuff. “We’re very excited to have him racing here in Australia. Wade can do things on a dirt bike most of us can’t even dream of. He’s either won or been close to winning the biggest events including Erzberg where he placed fourth this year.”

Young will race a Sherco 250 SE-R at Wildwood Rock Extreme with the support of Sherco Australia.

“Wade has only seen the Wildwood course on You Tube clips so it will be all new to him but we expect he’ll be hunting for the win,” Tuff explained. “It’s just the way he is. Wade is tough as nails. He’s won Hells Gate, King of The Hills and been on the podium at Romaniacs. Just last week he was leading the Sea to Sky race in Turkey until the very last hill of the three-day race, only to fall back to third so he’ll be fired up for Wildwood.”

The Wildwood Rock Extreme will take place on Sunday, October 29 at 227 Feehans Road, Wildwood. Just 10-minutes-drive the Tullamarine airport.