Andy Wilksch takes Sherco 450 SEF-R to bitter-sweet victory in South Australia


Motul Pirelli Sherco Team rider Andy Wilksch has suffered a broken leg during his victorious performance at the Robe Sandmasters event in South Australia. Racing a Motul Pirelli Sherco 450 SEF-R, Wilksch was in form winning his two heat races that put him in a favourable position for the two back-to-back final motos.

Despite twisting his foot badly in the second heat race, Wilksch was determined to race the finals where he placed second and first to take the overall win.

“The track was so much fun to race,” Wilksch explained. “It was all sand and it flowed well with banked corners in every turn. The track was graded flat and it settled beautifully with rain. The 450 SEF-R was awesome and it ripped across the sand. It was fairly fast and I clicked 5th gear a few times.”

Wilksch was forced to seek medical attention following the event where it was discovered he had, in fact, fractured his tibia in his left leg.

“The doctors said I’m looking a six-week recovery but I’m hoping it’s sooner. I’m booked in to race the final EnduroGP World Championship rounds in Germany next month. It’s not looking good at this stage and it’ll depend how well I heal. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Wilksch is currently resting with his leg in a half-cast until swelling subsides before a fibreglass cast can be fitted.