Sherco 125 SE-R headlines 2018 Sherco enduro model release


The 2018 release of the Sherco Racing enduro models comes with the highly anticipated arrival of the all-new Sherco 125 SE-R. Labelled, the small bike with the big attitude, the 125 SE-R bolsters the Sherco enduro range to six different models across two-stroke and four-stoke configurations.

The two-stroke line-up of the 125 SE-R, 250 SE-R and 300 SE-R is set to thrive with the 125  SE-R poised to reignite the small-bore market.

“The interest in the arrival of the 125 SE-R has been enormous,” stated Sherco Australia’s Stephen Tuff. “The small-bore capacity has been somewhat over-looked for some time and Sherco recognised there is a genuine demand for a highly-competitive 125cc two-stroke so they built the best bike to fit the brief.”

A Keihin PWK 36 carburettor mated to a V-Force 4 reed block feeds the compact engine that utilises a unique power-valve system to deliver strong power. The handlebar-mounted dual-map switch allows riders to select Soft or Hard power modes at the flick of the switch resulting in three horsepower difference.

The Sherco 125 SE-R comes with electric-start only with the starter located beneath the engine for optimal weight distribution. The start system tested through 10,000 start cycles has proven efficient and reliable.

The 125 SE-R weighs in at 95kg yet boasts a very attractive 10.4-litre fuel capacity, carbon muffler end cap, FMF exhaust, blue anodised wheel rims and the highly-acclaimed WP Xplor fork. 

The ever-popular 300 SE-R continues to shine as Sherco Australia’s most popular model, proving the big-bore two-stroke remains the bike of choice amongst racers and recreational riders alike. The secret weapon of the Sherco two-stroke range is the 250 SE-R. The perfect mix of usable power and agility has seen a solid trend of riders steer back to the 250cc category.

For 2018 the 250 SE-R and 300 SE-R two-strokes come with a reinforced clutch assembly, Bendix torque limiter optimising start life, new engine sprocket design for improved performance, less wear and reduced noise, new water pump sealing and new cylinder gasket. 

“Twenty seventeen was a huge year for the Sherco four-stroke range,” Tuff stated. “The 300 SEF-R captured the mid-size four-stroke segment. The 250 SEF-R is an incredibly fun bike to ride yet the 300 SEF-R perhaps overshadows it due to it’s amazing versatility. The 300 SEF-R is now more powerful but remains electric-smooth making it a very easy bike to ride.”

The 2018 model 250 SEF-R and 300 SEF-R comes with a new exhaust for more power. The silencer is a new hexagonal shape and 300-grams lighter. The ignition mapping is new resulting in more power and better throttle response. The cooling system and fuel pump has been revised and improved and the 300 SEF-R has a new piston and crankshaft.

“We’re very excited about the new 450 SEF-R,” Tuff explained. “This bike has proven to be a sleeping giant. The 450 is incredibly powerful but it has mild manners. It’s like a smiling assassin because it’s so fast, yet incredibly smooth which enables the rider to unleash the power on hand. This bike is a giant killer that stands toe-to-toe with any open class four-stroke.”

The 2018 450 SEF-R comes with a new hexagonal exhaust silencer reduced in weight by 500-grams resulting in more power. The engine has a modified oil circuit system, redesigned cylinder head and revised clutch.

Common updates across the 2018 Sherco enduro range include a new, easier to access radiator cap, new seat with improved grip, new in-moulded graphics, new plastics with more flex, new white handguards with in-built rubber for more flex, improved digital speedo unit, new front headlight, rear axle upgrade and new wheel rim locks. All two-stroke models and the 250 SEF-R and 300 SEF-R four-strokes have a new WP 46 rear shock with updated settings.

The 2018 Sherco Racing enduro rage is available from all authorised Sherco dealers now at the following recommended retail prices that include GST.

250 SE-F-R     $12,390

300 SEF-R      $13,290

450 SEF-R      $13,890

125 SE-R        $10,990

250 SE-R        $11,890

300 SE-R        $12,290