SHERCO claimed it's first FIM World Enduro Championship in 2016. A major accomplishment for such a small company.


Cycle News (USA) - Review

Why staying true to his roots has led Marc Teissier and Sherco to the top of the off-road tree. We have an interesting conversation with Teissier about the future of Sherco, fuel-injected two-strokes, and what might be a brewing controversy - are extreme enduro/trials getting too extreme and hurting the sport?

... while taking shelter under Sherco's bright-blue promotional pop-up tent, Marc Teissier - Sherco's founder and owner - is casually leaned over a display bike shooting the breeze with a potential customer. It's a rare sight and one I can't quite imagine Mr. Sherco being replaced by Mr. Honda, Mr. Suzuki, Mr. BMW or even Mr. KTM. But here we are, just over an hour before the race begins and the head man behind Sherco's landmark 2016 EnduroGP World Championship win is unobtrusively at ground level happily talking bike with customers...