Why staying true to his roots has led Marc Teissier – and the SHERCO brand – to the top of the off-road tree.


Dirt Bike Rider (UK) - Review

Sherco’s founder and owner – is casually leant over a display bike shooting the breeze with a potential customer. It’s a rare sight and one I can’t quite imagine Mr Sherco being replaced by Mr Honda, Mr Suzuki, Mr BMW or even Mr KTM.

But here we are, just over an hour before the race begins and the head man behind Sherco’s landmark 2016 EnduroGP World Championship win is unobtrusively at ground level happily talking bikes with punters. As I wait my turn to grab his attention I wonder if the prospective buyer even realises exactly who he’s talking too.

Founded in 1998, Sherco’s rate of success has been rapid but understated. Trials rst – that’s where Teissier’s rst love lies – they built a solid customer base thanks to the success on the world stage with guys like Albert Cabestany and of course, Graham Jarvis who also delivered a lot of success in the infamous Scottish Six Days Trial. Once they’d firrmly established themselves there, next came enduro. Modest steps, highlighted by Jarvis winning Red Bull Romaniacs for them in 2008, culminated in the 12-year process to becoming 2016 EnduroGP World Champions with Matt Phillips.