Motul Pirelli Sherco Team bikes driven by top brands from Ron Angel Wholesale


The Motul Pirelli Sherco Factory and Academy Team bikes not only look amazing, they’re littered with the best parts and accessories. Sourcing quality parts to keep the bikes in the thick of competition is vital and that’s why the Team has chosen AFAM sprockets and EK chains to keep the wheels turning.

“AFAM has a great range of sprockets and the beauty of them is the sprockets we use are steel which means they’re strong and offer excellent longevity,” said Team mechanic Dave Suter. “Combined with the heavy-duty X-Ring EK chain we have an extremely strong and high-performing drive combination. The SRXL EK X-Ring chain is high-end. After initial adjustment they just don’t move.”

The Sherco Team is also using the very light and powerful Battery Tender lithium batteries which reduces weight and increases the OEM battery’s 80 cold cranking amps to a whopping 240 cold cranking amps from the Battery Tender unit.

“The Battery Tender batteries are excellent,” Suter continued. “They’re so light yet they offer the security of so much extra cranking power for the extreme conditions our bikes are raced in.”

Reliable starting power and durable drive is one thing but it’s all for nothing if you experience a flat tyre in the heat of racing battle and that is why the Sherco Team race with DuraMousse tubes. The DuraMousse eliminates the possibility of a flat tyre with the solid tube not relying on air to keep it inflated.

“Our riders love the feel of DuraMousse which is important,” explained Suter. “The riders need to be able to push hard with confidence from the get-got and the DuraMousse offers great feel that inspires confidence. Not only that, we’ve got the peace of mind that we’ll never get a flat tyre. Our boys race at the top level and there’s no time for nursing a bike through rough terrain. That’s why we trust DuraMousse inside our tyres.”

AFAM, EK, Battery Tender and DuraMousse are distributed by Ron Angel Wholesale