The 2016 Sherco 450SEF-R draws positive feedback from Moto Online review


The 2016 Sherco 450SEF-R draws positive feedback from Moto Online review

Soon after the announcement of two-time enduro world champion Matthew Phillips signing to race with Sherco in 2016, was quick to secure a test ride on the new 2016 Sherco 450SEF-R.

The prominent Australian off-road motorcycle website spent a day aboard the new 450 to gauge the new kid on the 450cc enduro bike block. With Phillips set to debut the 450SEF-R in Enduro World Championship competition this year, interest in Sherco is at an all-time high.

“The signing of Phillips to Sherco has come at very busy time for Sherco,” said Sherco Australia Brand Manager Stephen Tuff.

“The brand is experiencing rapid growth here in Australia and to have a legitimate enduro superstar like Phillips with Sherco is incredible. He has a strong following both here in Australia and in Europe which brings a certain amount of attention to Sherco. More and more riders are turning to Sherco as a trusted performer on tracks and trails so it stands to reason the motorcycle media want to see what the fuss is all about.”

The guys from Moto Online loved the 450 which is evident in their review. Test rider Guy Streeter said, "Where the Sherco really comes into its own is in its cornering and agility. The front-end feel and ability to change direction mid-corner is really evident in tight and slow turns, which in turn helps save energy and enables you to comfortably ride harder, for longer." Streeter went on to say, "The engine certainly isn’t slow or short of power, but it gives you a lot of confidence that you could wring its neck right off the bottom and the power keeps building through the six-speed gearbox."


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