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"All-New Sherco 450 lands in Australia"
"Jess Gardiner 2014 Excel Rim Rider of the Year"

Featured in Motor Mouth News, Dirt Action Issue 189


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It is here - and ready to take on the Aussie bush

A few issues back we reported that the new Sherco 450SE-FR was heading to Australia. The good news is it’s here! For 2015, the Sherco 450 is completely new. Despite the frame being specific to the model to house the larger motor, the 450 chassis has the same ergonomics of the 250 and 300 SE-F. Going by that, this bike is going to be a seriously nimble machine.

The frame is something Sherco engineers pride themselves on. The semi-perimeter chromium molybdenum is made of mechanically welded parts to offer high levels of maneuverability and stability across a broad range of environments. Up front, you’ll find WP 48mm forks and at the rear a WP shock, Brembo brakes all round and a Trail Tech computer.

The engine is now more compact and has higher performance, including cascading timing pinion gears and chains. The selector drum is made of aluminum while the valves are steel for longevity. Harnessing the engine’s power is the Synerject system, developed by Sherco for progressive power delivery.


- All new machine
- Compact engine
- Hydraulic clutch
- Brembo brakes
- WP suspension
- 6-speed box
- Nimble chassis

*For more info on the Sherco 450 SEF-R click here


Joining the Excel Rim Rider of the Year honour roll of Toby Price, Jay Marmont, Meghan Rutledge and Matt Moss is enduro superstar Jess Gardiner.

Though an amazing talent in a male-dominated sport, Jess hasn’t earned this trophy on her riding ability or results alone, but from logging plenty of hours on the construction site for JK Williams while training early morning and late nights, representing the sport in a positive light on social media, promoting the sport in her local area and being a strong role model for new-comers to the sport.

Jess jets between Australia and Europe, competing in the World Enduro Championship this year where she claimed third place overall, an awesome achievement!

Stay tuned next issue for a full story with Jess as she collects her award.

Congratulations, Jess — you deserve it! When we contacted Jess to let her know of the achievement, she was stoked: “No way! That is super cool! That’s really exciting. “Well thanks to all you guys in the DIRT ACTION office. That is really rewarding for me after all my hard work and I greatly appreciate it!”

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